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Think Plant-Based! #86 - Monk Coleman

Think Plant-Based! #86 - Monk Coleman

#monk #podcast #thinkplantbased #loveoverfear #transformation #loveyourself Think Plant-Based! With Julia & Shane Podcast on Apple: Find Easy Plant-Based Recipes, Health, Fitness, and Travel tips: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: If you enjoy our podcast, please feel free to buy us a coffee for all our hard work! : Instagram: Facebook: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ In this episode, we talk to Monk Coleman about his plant-based journey and his book “Love over Fear”. Also, we talk to him about how he changed his lifestyle for the better. About Monk Coleman Monk Coleman is the author of Love over Fear – A Guide to Peace and Purpose. A guide to letting go of belief systems and connecting to a higher state of being. Monk is a graduate of the University of Holistic Theology. Also, he is a Transformational Coach, Public Speaker, Personal Trainer and a 3x Pro Natural Physique Bodybuilder. His coaching services can be found on social media platforms (twitter, Instagram, facebook, youtube). Likewise, he based his coaching program on his own experience with dealing and healing from alcoholism, poverty, depression and dysfunctional relationships. Similarly, Monk has taken his years of experience and created a life of service with love at the forefront. (Source: ) Website: Facebook: Instagram: “Love Over Fear” Book Amazon US: Amazon Canada: “This book is to remind you of the greatness you are. Acting from a place of LOVE allows you to walk by FAITH and TRUST. The Universe is working in your favor. As the collective vibration rises, we all benefit. You’ll step closer to your purpose and contribute your beauty to us. Thank you for understanding your importance. Thank you for embracing your gift“
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