Love Over Fear

This book is to remind you of the greatness you are. Acting from a place of LOVE allows you to walk by FAITH and TRUST. The Universe is working in your favor. As the collective vibration rises, we all benefit. You’ll step closer to your purpose and contribute your beauty to us.

Thank you for understanding your importance.
Thank you for embracing your gift!

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“His NEW book “Love Over Fear: A Guide to Peace & Purpose” is absolutely beautiful.
It comes from a place of love and for many, this is exactly what’s needed.  With so much inspiring content packed into a short read, this is an easy recommendation for me to make to all of you….Grab your copy off of Amazon, set aside a couple of hours, and immerse yourself in the joy of finding your way back to a place of love, peace, & purpose. This is where you’re meant to be, so it feels like coming home.” – Jane
This book will provide you with lifelong spiritual guidelines to keep you in check and in balance!

“I’ve known Monk for several years and he has always brought a light, positive energy to any environment we have been in. Naturally, when he released this book, I was eager to know more about his journey and any valuable lessons he has learned along the way. The day I received my copy, I opened it up and couldn’t stop reading. I read the whole book in one sitting, something I normally do not do! I love how he touches on a multitude of everyday scenarios that we all deal with and how to harness the right mindset to not only overcome, but also to persevere. I’ve drawn some valuable new habits and action steps from this book and also some great reminders for how to be my best self. As an entrepreneur who struggles with anxiety and stress, this type of knowledge and reference is highly valuable to me. I think anyone and everyone should read this book because it is not lofty spirituality that is unrelatable. On the contrary, Love Over Fear is full of practical insights that I wish I had access to when I was younger. I give this book a true five stars and I recommend that you purchase for you and your friends and family. Cheers to a successful piece of literature and a game changing project!”  – Charles

A must have for any spiritual, 12-step, better yourself community!!

“Every so often we’ll have those epiphanies that will lead us back to concepts that are so simple and fundamental that we kick ourselves for not seeing the deeper meaning sooner. We’ll wonder how we could have gotten as far as we have in our lives without applying the principle(s) daily. If we examine our lives close enough, we’ll start to uncover the fact that we have been living these fundamentals. In fact, they are the very glue that holds us together, only we’ve been living them unconsciously and therefore unable to reap the benefits of conscious application.

Monk breaks down some of the most seemingly difficult spiritual concepts for humans to grasp, metaphysically and then hand delivers them in their simplest and most elegant forms, almost so as to dare you not to have multiple epiphanies. As if this rejuvenation of spirit isn’t enough, he also provides a workbook, with which to monitor your progress. And he does it all in under 80 pages.”  – Vince

A fabulous guide to a more peaceful way of life

“As an avid student of life and spiritual teachings for decades, I found author, Monk Coleman’s book to be a wonderful resource that gets to the heart of living a life on purpose. Simple to follow insights, Monk gives the reader perspective on gratitude, fear, anxiety, meditation, love, service and so much more that allows for a life lived fully.

A book you can read in one sitting, it will be one you can refer to over and over. A perfect gift for anyone dealing with the stress of the pandemic. Monk gives simple solutions to complex problems.  Whether you choose to read a few pages per sitting, or read the entire book in one sitting, you’ll feel more grounded and aligned than before you started.”  – Kathleen

A purposeful and practical, step by step guide to Divine Connectedness and fulfillment.

“In a modern world which conditions people to seek comfort and fulfillment through material possessions, technology, and drugs & alcohol; it is incredibly timely and refreshing to read a book that takes the complexities of Life and the Divine, and breaks it down into a personal daily practice for the reader. Monk Eternal uses his powerful story of transformation and guides each of us from the “wrong path”, and then gently reminds us that there is only ONE path to true fulfillment. Spoiler Alert: Fulfillment does not come from external forces. It is within us. It is LOVE.”  – Mesha

“Y’ALL if you haven’t already, order it today! And I
challenge you to
NOT get something out of it.”

– Gett

“Thank you, Michael Colyar for reading it and for buying several copies for your show to give away because you thought it was powerful.  – Monk

“Supreme gratitude for the empire that Monk and Tammy
are building to raise the vibration of the planet!” – Olivia

“All good mayne. Can’t wait for the second book!” – TJ

“Love Over Fear – A Guide to Peace & Purpose, get your
copy today” – Chef Babette 

“One of the first new people I met when I moved to the Bay.
From day one, I appreciated every bit of wisdom he ever dropped.
Can’t wait to read his new book!