Book Reviews

“His NEW book “Love Over Fear: A Guide to Peace & Purpose” is absolutely beautiful. It comes from a place of love and for many, this is exactly what’s needed.  With so much inspiring content packed into a short read, this is an easy recommendation for me to make to all of you….Grab your copy off of Amazon, set aside a couple of hours, and immerse yourself in the joy of finding your way back to a place of love, peace, & purpose. This is where you’re meant to be, so it feels like coming home.” – Jane

Available Now!
Get a copy of the book on Amazon in the USA or Amazon in the UK

Audiobook Coming Soon!

“Y’ALL if you haven’t already, order it today! And I
challenge you to
NOT get something out of it.”

– Gett

“Thank you, Michael Colyar for reading it and for buying several copies for your show to give away because you thought it was powerful.  – Monk

“Supreme gratitude for the empire that Monk and Tammy
are building to raise the vibration of the planet!” – Olivia

“All good mayne. Can’t wait for the second book!” – TJ

“Love Over Fear – A Guide to Peace & Purpose, get your
copy today” – Chef Babette 

“One of the first new people I met when I moved to the Bay.
From day one, I appreciated every bit of wisdom he ever dropped.
Can’t wait to read his new book!